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Award in Foundation in Business and Management

40 weeks
MQF Level 4

Course Overview

The College’s foundation award in Business and Management is aimed at individuals who want to develop and broaden their Business and Management skills, thereby enabling them to successfully progress in their chosen careers.

Individuals from a variety of backgrounds will opt to study on the College’s foundation award in Business and Management. Prospective students may want to develop further their Business and Management skills. Prospective students may have been out of education for a while and are seeking a transition. It may be that the subjects a prospective student has taken at school or college are not appropriate for a degree programme that they would like to study. Or a prospective student may not have gained the sufficient number of academic credits at an appropriate level to allow them to enter directly onto a Bachelor’s degree course. Whatever their reasons for taking the course are, the Foundation Course will help them in their individual learning journeys.

The Course helps aspiring managers who have the ambition to learn more about what makes organisations successful in the modern world, the principles of effective leadership, and how to further develop their own skills and confidence to become effective managers.

The College prides itself on being student-focused and offering a highly supportive learning environment for all students undertaking the foundation award in Business and Management. In addition to equipping students on the course with important skills in Business and Management, the College’s foundation award in Business and Management also offers a transition entry point into the College’s various Bachelor’s degree courses.

If a student decides to go on and study on one of the College’s Bachelor’s degrees then they can progress in confidence knowing that the College’s foundation award in Business and Management is designed with their next level of study in mind. The College has developed its Foundation curriculum to ensure that there is a close alignment with the modules and topics that a student will study after completing their Foundation Course. Our teaching, learning and assessment methods also reflect those that a student will experience throughout their degree.

The main objectives of the College’s foundation course in Business and Management are:

  • To provide students with a sound knowledge base in the areas of Business and Management studied, namely management and leadership skills, how organisations use information to develop themselves and for success, how organisations ensure they remain relevant, and how organisations try and ensure that they are successful;
  • To develop in students the methodological and learning skills which are specifically relevant to successful study those subject areas at (i) above;
  • To encourage in students a spirit of enquiry and learning in the student;
  • To develop work discipline, commitment, independent learning and time management in the student;
  • To help develop students as autonomous learners and acquire the study skills needed To succeed in further studies, progress to employment and engagement in lifelong learning; and
  • Through the use of a variety of innovative and engaging teaching methods, to equip students with the academic skills which are particularly suited to subsequent study on a MFHEA accredited undergraduate degree.
Students who successfully complete the Award in Foundation in Business and Management, will be eligible to progress academically through the Undergraduate Diploma in Management (MQF Level 5) and/or the Bachelor of Arts in Management (MQF level 6).
Individuals who are seeking to start a career in business and management would highly benefit from this course. On the other hand, individuals who are already working in the above-mentioned sectors can consolidate their practical knowledge with the academic acumen attained through this course.
Global College Malta is licensed by the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority (MFHEA) as a Higher Education institution. All courses provided by Global Malta are accredited and/or recognised and thus mapped to the MQF/EQF respectively.
40 weeks (9 months)
4 – ( European/ Malta Qualifications Framework)
To be awarded the Award in Foundation in Business and Management, students are required to achieve 60ECTS, successfully completing all the modules

Module Code

Module Title



Effective Management and Leadership skills



Ensuring organisational success



Business Information



Maintaining organisational relevance



Enhancing your Communication and Academic Skills


Evening classes

A range of assessment methods appropriate to the subject material being taught will be used to assess the module including, by means of example, written examinations, assignments, individual and group project work, and assessed presentations.

All students will have access to EBSCO, the world’s largest online library, Moodle for class notes and Turnitin for the upload of assignments.
For further information get in touch with a representative of Global College Malta.

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  • Overall qualification certificate
  • Course material tutorial support notes
  • Access to online course resources

Monthly discounts are available, please contact one of our student recruitment staff members to learn more.

This course is eligible for the GET QUALIFIED SCHEME.

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